ICC Sydney’s continued commitment to innovation future proofs in person events

05 Aug 2022

As the resurgence of local, national and international events continues, the desire to gather and reconnect face to face is proven time and time again. In person events at ICC Sydney today and into the future are driven by our commitment to innovate and strive for constant improvement to deliver ever-enhanced events that put the experience of delegates and clients first.

Building on the venue’s success at the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) Congress as the overall winner of the AIPC Innovation Award, ICC Sydney continues to prove its dedication to innovation and creativity on a global scale. This innate drive to consistently evolve our event delivery capabilities is evident through our A$1.53 million investment in new industry-leading audio visual (AV) equipment, bolstering our already comprehensive raft of world class services and equipment for both clients and visitors.

AIPC Innovation Award and the development of Connect Hub
The AIPC Innovation Award rewarded ICC Sydney’s one stop destination for digital events solutions – Connect Hub – as a leading solution for the future of digital events. Connect Hub was achieved through the team’s agility and dedication to working with clients to ensure event success in modern times of evolving operations conditions. Through Connect Hub we have future proofed events of all types, providing support for event organisers delivering complex programs including hybrid event solutions, on site speaker preparation, digital concierge to support remote presenters and more. The integrated service speaks as a perfect example of how we continue to listen to the changing needs of our clients and utilise innovation to adapt accordingly. By upskilling our team, fitting out our dedicated broadcast studio and expanding our permanent team we continue to play a role in the modern event. As a result, our venue has remained at the forefront of audio visual technical delivery and embeds a culture that continually seeks to implement highly impactful innovations. Explore all the possibilities of Connect Hub here: Connect Hub | AV & ICT | ICC Sydney

Investing in the future of in person events
Innovation is built into our DNA at ICC Sydney. The latest A$1.53m investment in equipment has expanded and upgraded lighting, audio, vision, studio and draping equipment ensures the venue remains at the forefront of the industry, continually setting new benchmarks for delivering events. The state-of-the-art equipment includes 32K lumens laser projectors, vision processing and control, projection screens, laptops, foldback monitors, cameras, audio and lighting consoles, radio microphones, moving light fixtures and draping and builds on our recently expanded range of 2.9 millimetre pitch modular, customisable LED screens. To back it all up is a team of audio visual experts reaffirming the venue’s world class position as a ‘one stop shop’ for all types of in person events for both new and returning clients

Enhanced events
With these services existing under one roof, managed by our extraordinary team of passionate, experienced and agile people, clients are provided with a guarantee of world class service. Creating extraordinary experiences and achieving a client’s vision through the use of technology and our creative solutions is something our passionate team strives for every day.

By continuing to expand our digital services with AV equipment of the highest quality, ICC Sydney is delivering ever-enhanced events for delegates and attendees that builds trust and confidence in our clients to come back time and time again. Our agile approach during the pandemic to deliver hybrid and fully virtual events allowed us to stay at the forefront of innovation by quickly adapting to the rapidly evolving needs of our clients. Today, hybrid and all forms of digital events still play a crucial role in the range of possible solutions for clients and continue to be embraced as a new industry norm. At ICC Sydney, we truly believe that ‘hybrid’ is not a dirty word but meets current demand for continued inclusion of digital elements within events. Read more on this in my previous blog: Hybrid is not a dirty word – ICC Sydney’s approach to innovation in a world transformed by the pandemic | ICC Sydney.

Attracting world class talent
People are at the heart of any successful event operation. The new state-of-the-art equipment will not only enhance ICC Sydney’s comprehensive, high tech event delivery solution but retain and attract a high calibre of skilled professionals to the venue. Having invested in prime technology we have also invested in the skills of our local workforce – a sure drawcard for the best technical directors, project managers and operators to join our extraordinary team and deliver an unparalleled solution for our clients. We are excited to continue to impress every visitor who attends an event at ICC Sydney with this new equipment, optimising their event experience through innovative solutions while reaffirming ourselves as an employer of choice.

Read the media release here: Continued investment in tech infrastructure reaffirms commitment to innovation | ICC Sydney

Brian Nash
Director of Audio Visual Services